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İstanbul Association of Architects in Private Practice (İstanbulSMD) was founded on July 2002, with objectives such as contributing to the culture of architecture in Turkey, strengthening the prestige and efficiency of the profession of architecture in society, ensuring that urban planning decisions / urban interventions are carried out with a sense of responsibility towards the community, plus, increasing the quality of the built environment.

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Respect to Masters

A Monographic Documentary Series About the Pioneers of the Turkish Architecture

İstanbul Association of Architects in Private Practice (İstanbulSMD) presents Respect to Masters - a monographic documentary series on the pioneers of Turkish architecture, with the support of VitrA. Interviews held with the pioneers & masters of the recent period architecture within the documentary, will make up for an important need by displaying the architectural production of an era. All episodes of the series - set to debut in 2022 - will be posted on the YouTube channels of both İstanbulSMD and VBenzeri.

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Projects With Stories

İstanbulSMD continues its mission of improving the accessibility of architectural culture and the visibility of quality architecture, with a new series of events themed Projects With Stories. The events will focus on projects that have stories by the participation of all the stakeholders involved in the making of a quality architectural final outcome.The pioneer architects of Turkish architecture will hold conversations on projects with stories, with the clients or the stakeholders who took significant roles in the making. Supported by Arkitera, the series will be available on the YouTube channel of İstanbulSMD.

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What is Architecture For? Conference

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