Cross Reflections: Architecture, Photography and Text
Le Corbusier’s work through Cemal Emden’s camera and further commentary...

“The photograph itself is in no way animated..., but it animates me: this is what creates every adventure.” Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida

A new exhibition out of the Le Corbusier portfolio of architectural photographer Cemal Emden who has been working on the master architect’s oeuvre for the last five years has been open on 9th of March, 2016. The exhibition, organized by Istanbul Association of Architects in Private Practice (IstanbulSMD) was inaugurated in Isik Art Gallery (Istanbul) and a number of the major works of Le Corbusier, spanning over a period of half a century was put on display. Apart from Emden’s photographs, texts by Turkish and international scholars who studied Le Corbusier’s work were also featured in the exhibition.

Emden, also a member of IstanbulSMD, started photographing Le Corbusier’s work in 2011, for an exhibition at SantralIstanbul commemorating the centenary of the architect’s Voyage d’Orient. Since then, he continued to explore Le Corbusier’s work through numerous shootings in Europe, Asia and America. As the architect-photographer who built the most comprehensive and up to date image portfolio of Le Corbusier’s buildings, Emden has been working in collaboration with Fondation Le Corbusier and exhibited his photographic work in various venues and media. Among these, exhibitions he realized in Ankara, Marseilles and Paris can be cited.

This exhibition with Burcu Kütükçüoğlu as curator, Fondation Le Corbusier and IstanbulSMD as collaborators and Seranit Group as the sponsor, is a new opportunity to view the current state of some of Le Corbusier’s works. In addition, the photographs and texts that form the content of the exhibition a special catalogue was published.

On the inauguration day, a panel discussion was organized with the participation Prof. Tim Benton from Open University and Jacques Sbriglio from France. Tim Benton analysed the photographic approach of Le Corbusier by means of the photography technology of the architect's era. Architect Jacques Sbriglio explained the rarely cited work of Le Corbuser, the "Museum of Continuos Growth".

The exhibition will take place until 9th of April, 2016.