Practicing architects in Ankara founded an association in 1987 in order to contribute to private architectural practice and enhance relationships between colleagues in Turkey. The newly founded association was titled as Turkish Association of Architects in Private Practice (TSMD). In ten years period an increasing number of members from Istanbul and the variety of the topics related with Istanbul caused a branch office to be established in Istanbul. With that decision IstanbulSMD was founded as the Istanbul branch office of TSMD in 1998. During the Annual General Meeting of 2002, members from Istanbul decided to continue their activities independently. Thereby IstanbulSMD officially became as an independent association in June 2002. Today with its 75 active members, IstanbulSMD is a dynamic establishment representing the independent architectural practices and freelance architects in Istanbul while organizing many events to enhance relationships among the colleagues. Istanbul SMD is dedicated to take an active role while establishing relations with similar institutions in European Union and in other countries, in addition to studies that enhance the level of esthetic value, architectural education and professional practice among its members and colleagues. The organization is also devoted to inform public of the functions and the responsibilities of architects and to create public awareness of architectural and urban issues.

Founding Committee
M.Cumhur Umut Inan, Rauf Dogan Tekeli, Hayri Haydar Karabey, Cafer Bozkurt, F. Ahmet Gunay Cilingiroglu, H. Levent Aksut, Aytac Manco, Ersen Gursel, Mustafa Sinan Genim, Yasar Marulyali, Ziya Canbazoglu, Ayse Hasol Erktin, Ihsan Murat Tabanlioglu, Dogan Hasol, Yavuz Selim Sepin, Cengiz Bektas, Ibrahim Yalcin Ileri, Mehmet Konuralp, Bunyamin Derman, Emre Arolat, Mehmet Neset Arolat, Saziment Arolat, Nevzat Sayin.

9.Board of Directors
Sibel Dalokay Bozer, Umut İyigün, Durmuş Dilekci, Hakan Demirel, Ziya Canbazoğlu, Abbas Hacıömeroğlu, Emin Balkış

8.Board of Directors
Hakkı Moltay, Sibel Dalokaybozer, Umut İyigün, Durmuş Dilekci, Hakan Demirel, Ziya Canbazoğlu, Abbas Hacıömeroğlu

7.Board of Directors
Ertun Hızıroğlu, Brigitte Weber, Umut İyigün, Sibel Dalokaybozer, Yalçın Türkdoğan, Cem Sorguç, Alişan Çırakoğlu

6.Board of Directors
Ersen Gursel, Kerem Erginoglu, Baskan, Ayse Hasol Erktin, Cem Sorguc, Yalcin Turkdogan, Aydan Volkan, Yavuz Selim Sepin

5.Board of Directors (31.01.2011 - )
Oguz Oztuzcu, Kerem Erginoglu, Ayhan Ertugrul, Mutlu Cilingiroglu, Ayse Hasol Erktin.

4.Board of Directors (24.01.2009 - 31.01.2011)
Dogan Hasol, Oguz Oztuzcu, Timur Kayserilioglu, Mutlu Cilingiroglu, Cemal Emden.

3.Board of Directors (27.01.2007 - 24.01.2009)
Dogan Tekeli, Neset Arolat, Oguz Oztuzcu, Timur Kayserilioglu, Gurhan Bakirkure.

2.Board of Directors (08.01.2005 - 27.01.2007)
Cafer Bozkurt, Ersen Gursel, Nevzat Sayin (Hakki Moltay), Hasan Calislar, Cem Ilhan.

1.Board of Directors (25.01.2003 - 08.01.2005)
Umut Inan, Sinan Genim, Haydar Karabey, Emre Arolat, Bunyamin Derman.

Temporary Board of Directors (12.12.2002 - 25.1.2003)
Levent Aksut, Baskan, Umut Inan, Aytac Manco, Emre Arolat, Bunyamin Derman.


IstanbulSMD at a glance

IstanbulSMD organizes conferences, panels, exhibitions, competitions and tours to increase awareness of architecture in public as well as to develop relationship between architects, municipalities, NGO’s, construction industry and property developers in Turkey and abroad. IstanbulSMD organizes conferences and discussion panels for various actors of the architectural profession. Two discussion panels were organized at the first half of 2015. At the end of March 2015, IstanbulSMD presented Prof. Kailin Zhou, Charles Cao and Tim Macfarlane in “From Ideas to Reality: Story of Structural Design”. In May 5th foreign young architects including Frank Eittorf, Tomas Ghisellini, Nicolas Letschert, Anna Liu and Linshou Wu shared their experiences together with their colleagues and members of IstanbulSMD in “Design Stories” panel. In the beginning of 2016, IstanbulSMD initiated a series of panels to discuss about the relationship of architecture with other disciplines, of which the first panel was about “Architecture and Music” that took place in January 11th. The “Architecture and…” series will continue on subjects such as “Cinema”, “Body”, “Economy” and “Journalism”. Apart from conferences and panels, IstanbulSMD organizes exhibitions. The first exhibition of 2016 is a photography exhibition, titled as “Cross Reflections” consisting of the photos of IstanbulSMD member architectural photographer Cemal Emden about the works of Le Corbusier. Apart from Emden’s photographs, texts by Turkish and international scholars who studied Le Corbusier’s work were also featured in the exhibition that was inaugurated on March 9th. Travelling exhibitions of architecture from abroad such as Finland, Spain or Germany are also being organized that will take place in the second half of 2016. IstanbulSMD gives importance to develop business opportunities for its members. Within this scope business meetings are organized with manufacturers of building materials and developers may be counted. In October 2015, 25 member of the association met together with 25 distinct manufacturers in a day. In March, 2016 IstanbulSMD will be attending the MIPIM event. In the second half of 2016 IstanbulSMD will work together with the Ministry of Economy of Turkish Republic to present members work in Beijing, Vietnam. IstanbulSMD also plan to organize an event in autumn 2016 that will take place in RIBA to introduce its members to British colleagues. IstanbulSMD also gives importance to develop projects that will explain the profession and architectural issues to the public. One on going project is a good example of these kind of projects: A recently initiated program will result with a printed and interactive guide for people who want to transform their building with the existing urban transformation laws. IstanbulSMD organizes projects to create awareness on architecture and urban issues of Istanbul. “SOSIstanbul” is an ongoing and bi-annual student’s competition on hot urban issues of Istanbul. Similarly an online map showing large-scale architectural and infrastructural developments is widely used by journalists from Turkey and abroad. The website “” is a growing database and a reliable source for research. IstanbulSMD also developed a series of TV program on contemporary architecture that were aired in national TV Channel, NTV in previous years.